A pharmacy is not only a place where you could buy medications. There are several varieties in pharmacy as explained below.
Community pharmacy – You can see these pharmacies in your locality itself. These are the retail stores that provide you with pharma products upon request. You can find several pharmacies Newport in your proximity. There will be a sales assistant and a professional pharmacist for sure in these retail shops. You can consider these as medical shops.
Hospital pharmacy – Hospitals and pharmacies are closely connected as you would go directly to a pharmacy for the medications prescribed by the doctor. Hence, the hospitals would be having a pharmacy on their premises themselves. Whatever the doctor prescribes, you can get from these hospital pharmacies without moving to any other retail store. The staff in these stores would be highly knowledgeable.
Industrial pharmacy – It could be considered as the research center for pharmaceutical companies. These companies are responsible for the production of new pharma products and they use these pharmacies as their spot for research and development activities. You could not buy pharma products directly from these entities.
Compounding pharmacy – Although almost all pharmacies have adopted the method of compounding, a compounding pharmacy is a specially made entity that could help the customers compound their drugs according to their needs. Here, you can convert your traditional medicine into another form and could remove an allergic agent from it completely. Likewise, qualified pharmacists would help you modify your traditional medicine so that you can tolerate the consumption without reducing the health benefits.
Consulting pharmacy – You could get consultation about your medications and the method of intake from the specialists using these pharmacies. However, you could not buy any items from them as they do not act as dispensaries.