Features and Objectives of a Good Blog
A blog is basically an informational website where a person shares his thoughts about a certain subject, or better yet, helps other people by providing solutions to their problems.
A blog is the one that connects avid readers, that search online for topics of interest, like food (the all-time favorite), finance, or fashion to the writers that cover these topics.
If you are interested in knowing how to start a blog for free look for a common structure that defines the actual blog.
Structure and Advantages
More and more blogs appear every day.
And they are famous for covering a broad category of subjects and topics.
In order to recognize a blog, you must look for these specific standards:
• Header with the navigationmenu, a search bar, and login buttons. The central content section with highlighted blog posts, or most recent posts. Sidebar with popular content, call-to-action buttons, or recent comments.
• Footer with proper links to standard pages like a disclaimer, privacy policy, about us, contact, etc.
• Content is updated daily or weekly. A good blogger must do in-depth research before creating a new blog post, and try to cover in detail as many aspects as it can.
• Bloggers like to interact with their readers. So, on a blog, you can always find a comments section where you can leave your thoughts on the subject, or simply ask the author for more information.
• A good blog is always relevant on the topic. It must match the user’s search intent and steps in to solve the reader’s problems.
• Blogs have good headlines, that are simply click-baiters to the readers. When you discover an interesting title on Google that you simply cannot click and find out what is all about, it surely is a blog.
Other characteristics of a good blog that brings in revenue are:
• Money-making opportunities. Then you want to know how to start a blog and make money, you must first have high traffic on the blog. After that, you are presented with important money-making opportunities.You can start with Google AdSense and put ads on your blog, or sell advertising space.
• Possibility to sell online products, like courses specifically made for the topic you are good at. People are willing to pay good money if the course is very well presented.
• Content exchange with other blogger partners. Also known as outreach blog posts. You can let other bloggers post content on your blog, and you can do the same on theirs.
The more useful your blog posts are, the greater the website’s value and opportunities to get noticed and become more valuable.
Start to create good content and money-making opportunities will soon arrive.