We have Instore lucite framework tombstones that are solid lucite, embedment deal toys together with logos records booklets coins, or products drifting inside. In addition, we have lucite frames with cast lucite embedment monetary tombstones, acrylic awards using stock shape lesser cost paper weights with top printed, entrapment that’s made of acrylic in direction of hi pieces sandwich magnets eyeglasses product encasement using magnets, screws or pins. We also have oil fall or Isle petrol energy advantages characteristics have the central theme of petroleum, gas, coal, wind, solar energy themed presents.

Actions to be Followed if you’d like to place an order with us:
opt for a style or contour from your examples on our site and deliver us an image of one’s example
you can also email sale logos designs or texts to be applied in the finished layout. We have a detail by detail request and purchase form which you are able to fill upward and e mail us.
Even in the event that it’s the case that you do not need a designed or ready brand or design, you can indicate that the components colors level needed and at which there are options and details. We also have a farm which collects your detailed requirements.
We’re the Leading and oldest suppliers of the lucite tombstones of economic awards and rewards in america. We have a lot of sizes available and several designs and shapes which are currently screened. Our designs and handcrafted. If your design isn’t such it may be drawn up in lucite, then we are sure we will create it.