Tuscany is an area which is renowned for its breath-taking beauty. It has beautiful landscapes, art-rich culture. It is also the birthplace of many renowned artists like Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo.
This region is also known for another form of art, that is, wine preparation. The wines prepared in this region is the most sought after wine in the world. It is known for its aroma and smoothness. Today you can even organize a wine tour to the wineries to try out the varieties of wine available before you buy them.
These wineries do not just offer wines; it presents you with the region’s culture and history.
Here are a few of the wineries you must visit:
Fattoria Casa Sola is a farm that can be located easily when on a bike or car. This farm is a must-stop before you venture into the city. You can find good quality fine wine on this farm to buy for yourself or to gift others.
La Castellina is a farm that has accommodation designed as a hotel and wine tours. If you are traveling in a group of fifteen or sixteen, surely you should visit.
Fattoria di Corsignano is a luxurious farm located beside the hills and is an attractive choice to stay. It offers you the most exquisite wine, dinner, and also special wine tasting hours. It offers you the best Chianti wine tasting (degustazione vino chianti) and is a family-owned farm.
Once you visit these luxurious farms, you should taste these region’s select wines and be sure to buy a bottle or two.