Italy has been called the homeland of fine Italian wine for quite some time now and if you are planning to travel to Italy this summer, then you must be sure about a few important things about the Italian wine country. Italy has a rich tradition of wine producing and in recent years, Italy has won the prestigious category of Top Wine In The World title. Even though the Tuscany are trying hard to imitate Italy’s rich tradition of wine producing, Italy is still at the top of their wine producing field.
On your wine tour to Italy you’ll have the opportunity to taste new wines that you probably wouldn’t be able to buy back home! During your tasting tour you will be taken to various vineyards and to see how wine is made according to the different types of winemaking methods.
You will also get an opportunity to visit famous wineries and wine experience as well as to sample some of the best Italian food that is prepared using wine as the main ingredient. All in all, a tasting tour is a perfect way of learning about the different varieties of Italian wine and tasting new wines to suit your palate. You can also ask the experts about the different varieties of Italian food and about the Italian wine regions too.
Another of the many benefits of Italy tours is that there are many places within Italy, which have been designated as World Heritage Sites. These sites are a great place to explore and learn about the rich culture and history of the country. Some of the places you can visit include; the Duomo, the Catacombs of Bom Jesus, the Acopian Cave and the Trevi Fountain. Some of these places have been declared World Heritage Websites by UNESCO. Hence, taking part in Italian wine tours will not let you forget about all the benefits that Italy has to offer such as the beautiful landscapes, the rich culture and the ancient heritage.